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DOUGCO was established in 1964 as a Mass Finishing Job Shop offering mechanical surface finishing, including tumble deburring, ball burnishing, and vibratory deburring.  We can remove burrs from metal stampings, castings, forgings, extrusions, and much more.  Deburring tends towards a matt finish, while burnishing provides a shiny finish.  There are endless methods to deburr and burnish.  Contact us to develop the process that best fits your needs.

Our processes produce clean, dry parts with surface finishes suitable for direct use, or for additional surface treatments such as: plating, anodizing, painting and powder coating.

We will match the surface finish on an existing part, or develop and customize a new finish to meet your requirements.

DOUGCO also provides resin impregnation to seal porous metal castings. Ours is a  vacuum/pressure impregnation process with a high temperature cure. Impregnation will not physically affect castings in any way except to seal the pores. Impregnated parts may then be plated, painted or powder coated.

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