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Our robotic polishing system allows us to polish off the parting lines ofROBOTIC POLISHING components without the most diner dash 2 labor intensive efforts required with manual systems. The some mahjong rules set robot picks up the upcoming the spongebob game component from a caralluma extract testimonials fixture; presents the component to the abrasive belt; rotates the part against the belt; and when the operation is complete, drops off the component. The mechanical polishing operation is much more consistent than a manual operation.

Tooling is required for robotic polishing. For any given component a everyone likes vitamins for pregnant dogs fixture is needed to present the parts; a gripper is needed to pick up the parts; and programming is needed to direct the robot. A significant volume is usually needed to payout these set-up costs.

DOUGCO is one of the few job shops on the West Coast with a ROBOTIC POLISHING system.

DOUGCO to discuss your requirements.

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